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Stoke Film Theatre

Stoke Film Theatre


Established in 1974, the Film Theatre ensures that a wider variety of films is shown in Stoke-on-Trent. Our programme contains a wide range of independent, foreign (often subtitled) and more mainstream releases. The emphasis is on films which have either not been shown or have received a very limited release at the local multiplex cinemas. The Film Theatre has been a registered charity (no. 504600) since 1975.

For more information on the history of cinema-going in North Staffordshire, read Lez Cooke's essay on the subject: here.

The Film Theatre is a public cinema. Situated on Staffordshire University's College Road campus, the Film Theatre is independent of the University and operated almost entirely by volunteers.

Films from the main programme are shown at 7.45pm on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. There are typically two films shown each week. On Mondays, specially themed films are shown for which there is no admission charge. In addition, a variety of local interest and amateur productions are regularly shown on Wednesday evenings which are also free of charge.

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The Film Theatre operates from a purpose-built 213-seat auditorium, with facility for wheelchair access.

Consistent with contemporary developments in the film industry, we now screen all our films digitally using the latest equipment from Dolby, Barco and LANSat.

The bar is open from 7:00pm for the sale of beers, wines and spirits, coffee and soft drinks, and a selection of confectionery.

Please note that no adverts or trailers are shown. All films start promptly at 7.45pm unless otherwise stated.


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